IMITATOR: Experiments Data for NFM 2017

Case Studies Related to Parametric model checking timed automata under non-Zenoness assumption

This page is dedicated to the case studies related to the manuscript Parametric model checking timed automata under non-Zenoness assumption by Étienne André, Hoang Gia Nguyen, Laure Petrucci and Jun Sun, published in the proceedings of the NFM’17 [ANPS17].


The version of IMITATOR used to run the experiments is IMITATOR 2.8.1-working (branch learning, build 2108, GitHub hash 3ca9b1ca7cab3271e82d852a72c922665e9b02c7).


Case studies

We present in the following table a list of case studies computed using various algorithms using IMITATOR.

The model can be obtained by clicking on the case study name; the rectangular parameter domain can be obtained by clicking on the number of integer points (|V| column); logs including results can be obtained by clicking on the response time of each algorithm; a graphical representation can be obtained by clicking on the [g] (when available).

Benchmark SynthCycle CUBdetect + SynthNZ CUBtrans + SynthNZ
Name Ref |A| |X| |P| |L| t (s) Result Approximation? detection t (s) Total t (s) CUB for Result Approximation? transformation t (s) Total t (s) |L CUB| Result Approximation?
CSMA/CD [KNSW07] 3 3 3 28 3600 true invalid 0.013 0.013 false - - 0.3 3600 74 true exact
Fischer [AHV93] 3 2 4 13 3600 true invalid 0.003 0.003 false - - 0.012 3600 20 true exact
RCP 5 6 5 48 3600 some invalid 0.013 0.013 false - - 0.348 3600 71 false under-approximation
WFAS [BBLS15] 3 4 2 10 3600 some invalid 0.009 0.009 false - - 0.246 1848 40 some exact
AndOr [CC05] 4 4 4 27 3600 some invalid 0.012 0.012 false - - 0.059 3600 34 some under-approximation
Flip-flop [CC04] 5 5 2 52 0.058 false exact 0.002 0.086 true false exact 0.01 0.972 58 false exact
Sched5 12 21 2 153 190 false exact 0.051 0.051 false - - 1.18 3600 180 false under-approximation
simop [ACDFR09] 5 8 2 46 3600 false invalid 0.012 0.012 false - - 0.219 3600 81 false under-approximation
train-gate 4 5 9 11 3600 false invalid 0 3600 some false under-approximation 0.059 3600 23 false under-approximation
coffee 3 2 3 4 3600 some invalid 0 3600 some some under-approximation 0.012 3600 10 some under-approximation
CUBPTA1 3 1 3 2 0.006 true over-approximation 0 0.015 some some under-approximation 0.006 0.073 6 some exact
JLR15 [JLR15] 3 2 2 2 3600 false invalid 0 3600 true false under-approximation 0 3600 3 false under-approximation

Description of the Case Studies


This is a model of the CSMA/CD proposed in [KNSW07] and modeled for the PRISM model checker. The version we consider replaces probabilities with non-determinism.


This is a model of Fischer’s mutual exclusion protocol proposed in [AHV93].

RCP (Root Contention Protocol)

This is a model of IEEE 1394 Root Contention Protocol.

WFAS (wireless fire alarm system)

This is a model of a wireless fire alarm system studied in [BBLS15].

AndOr circuit

This small asynchronous circuit consists in an AND gate connected to an OR gate in a cyclic manner; its behavior is studied in [CC05].

Flip-flop circuit

This asynchronous circuit consists of several gates connected to each other in a cyclic manner; its behavior is studied in [CC04].


This is the model of the schedulability of 5 fixed-priority tasks in a single processor.


This is a model of a networked automation system studied in [ACDFR09].


This is a model of a train-gate-controller from here.


This is a model of a simple coffee machine used as a teaching example.


This is a toy case study to illustrate and test CUB-PTAs.


This is a case study studied in [JLR15].

Algorithms used

For all case studies, the following commands were used:

> IMITATOR case_study.imi case_study.v0 -mode EF -merge -output-cart
> IMITATOR case_study.imi case_study.v0 -mode cover -merge -output-cart
> IMITATOR case_study.imi case_study.v0 -mode cover -EFIM -merge -output-cart


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Étienne André